Real estate sales and marketing solutions during Covid-19

Open House & Covid-19: Basic Precautions

Covid 19 Open House

Despite all the changes made and the strict limitations imposed by the governments as the result of the outbreak of Covid-19 all around the world in early 2020 and also the impact of this on the real estate industry, real estate transactions are still going on in Canada. Although many real estate …

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Covid-19 Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

Covid 19

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, many businesses, the real estate market included, have undergone drastic changes. Since this uninvited guest is easily transmitted from one person to another, the necessity for sticking to health advice and safety protocols is increasingly emphasized by the authorities. Considering the high restrictions imposed by governments on …

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Impact of Social Distancing on Canadian Real Estate Market 

Canadian real estate market

Though the Canadian real estate market witnessed a relative pause in March, home selling and buying activities have continued. This comeback was with drastic changes, however. The necessity to practice social distancing has greatly affected Canadians’ everyday life since the global crisis. Both home sellers and buyers are grappling with …

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