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online ordering

7 Great Advantages of Online Ordering for Agents

Technology has completely changed the way people sell and buy products and services. Despite being relatively new, online ordering is rapidly spreading all around the world, replacing traditional shopping. Online sales are catching up with in-store sales, and online retailers are luring customers away from brick-and-mortar competitors. Thanks to the ever-increasing growth of the eCommerce industry, you can […]

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real estate broker

Looking For a Real Estate Broker to Work For? 6 Important Questions to Ask in Interviews              

Congratulations! Now that You obtained your real estate license, it’s time to find a sponsoring real estate broker to work for. Being a real estate agent is all about building relationships – relationships with clients, inspectors, fellow agents, brokers, and whoever is involved in your business. The most rewarding relationship, however, will be the one […]

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Canadian real estate market

Impact of Social Distancing on Canadian Real Estate Market 

Though the Canadian real estate market witnessed a relative pause in March, home selling and buying activities have continued. This comeback was with drastic changes, however. The necessity to practice social distancing has greatly affected Canadians’ everyday life since the global crisis. Both home sellers and buyers are grappling with social distancing measures imposed to […]

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