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6 Tips for Using QR Codes on Real Estate Print Marketing Materials

6 Tips for Using QR Codes on Real Estate Print Marketing Materials

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, adapting to innovative technological trends is no longer optional for real estate professionals — it’s a necessity. One such integration that has been revolutionizing the real estate space is Quick Response or QR codes. These ingenious tools present a potent method to merge the traditional with the new, providing users with immediate access to vast information resources. If you’re interested in unlocking the potential of QR codes in real estate print marketing efforts, delve into our comprehensive guide.

But first, let’s kick off with an overview of QR codes.

Understanding QR Codes

Understanding QR Codes

QR codes, or two-dimensional barcodes, are digital markers that can store an impressive amount of information. When these codes are scanned using a smartphone, they swiftly direct users to a variety of digital content — this could range from websites, multimedia, property listings, virtual home tours and much more. Considering the surge in smartphone usage and convenience-driven consumer behaviours, having a QR code strategy should be a priority for forward-thinking real estate agents.

Now, let’s break down some effective ways to incorporate QR codes into your real estate print marketing strategy to unleash the full potential of these digital gateways.

Provide Direct, Relevant Links

First things first, integration of QR codes into your real estate print marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and postcards must be done thoughtfully. It’s essential to correlate the landing sections of scanned QR codes closely with the content and context of your printed material. Imagine you’re showcasing a luxury property in your brochure; your QR code should directly lead the scanner to detailed information about that property, a virtual tour, or your highly responsive contact page. Digital connectivity with high relevance fosters a relationship of trust with users and keeps them enthusiastic and engaged, effectively easing the process of property purchase.

Integrate with Design Aesthetics

Integrate with Design Aesthetics

While you embark on your QR code journey, bear in mind that code design plays a pivotal role. QR codes, typically in black and white, need to blend seamlessly with your overall design. Most QR code generators now offer customization options that let you align the QR code colour with your brand. Your focus? To ensure effortless scanning — use contrast wisely to make the QR codes visibly stand out and strategically position them on your print materials.

Test Before You Print

Testing isn’t just exclusive to software development – it applies to your print marketing materials too. Before you place your order, ensure that the QR codes on real estate signs are functioning as expected. See that they lead the scanner to the correct URL and that the scanning process is smooth and fast. This pre-emptive assessment can save you precious time and resources, not to mention avoid confusion or potential embarrassment.

Provide Scanning Instructions

Creating excitement around your QR codes can drive more scans. Consider integrating your QR code with exclusive advantages such as in-depth property details, a discount from a local moving service or perhaps, access to insightful real estate eBooks. An incentive not only serves as a value-add for potential buyers but also encourages them to take that extra step to scan the QR code.

Encourage Usage with Incentives

If you want more scans, consider integrating your QR code with special incentives. This could be exclusive extra information about a property, a coupon for a local moving company, or access to a real estate eBook. Offering an incentive can make potential buyers feel valued and more inclined to scan the QR code.

Track and Analyze

Pick a QR code generator that comes equipped with tracking features so that you can monitor and analyze scanning data. Understanding where your scans are coming from and which property-related QR codes command more attention can offer a wealth of insights into buyer behaviour, helping you optimize your marketing strategy.

The AgentPrint Advantage

Deploying QR codes on your print marketing materials can offer a significant advantage to real estate professionals, providing a quick, seamless experience for potential property buyers. Keeping pace with marketing trends, AgentPrint provides a powerful blend of print and digital advertising techniques.

Not only can you generate QR codes using your AgentPrint account but also our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures high-definition reproduction of QR codes on your marketing materials. Combined with our unwavering commitment to fast turnaround times and competitive pricing, we empower real estate professionals to streamline their print marketing efforts in the digital age.


Remember, the key to profiting from QR codes for real estate agents, as with all marketing tools, is in strategic implantation and regular tracking. Take a leap along with AgentPrint, and you’ll be ready to fully harness the power of your QR codes in a real estate print marketing approach. Transforming digital opportunities into tangible marketing assets has never been easier.

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