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Be a Top Realtor by Mastering These 6 Essential Skills 


Working as a realtor is essentially about having constant interaction with the public. Property-selling is a complex, tiring, and stressful process. When you choose this job, you choose to act as an impartial guide who tries to bring positive outcomes for both parties. It is not always easy though.

No matter how much you are passionate about helping people with their house buying/selling process, in reality, it is sometimes difficult to satisfy everyone’s needs. To fulfill your duties as a top agent, you need to master a wide range of skills. How do you create values that resonate with your clients? Here are some top skills a realtor needs to acquire as the building blocks of his/her career. 

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What Makes a Good Realtor? 

Advanced Communication Skills 


Working with a realtor who is not a good communicator can be the biggest frustration people experience when selling/buying a property. First and foremost, your clients need to feel like they are in the loop about the current situation. During the house selling process, you need to stay in touch with both parties and keep them informed about the details of the work.

Even apparently insignificant information that must be conveyed can be important for your clients – especially if they have little experience in working with a realtor. Poor communication only wastes your precious time on the opportunities with little probability of a sale. 

Besides, you need to pursue all possible channels of communication. Keep in mind that each case is unique. While some clients insist on meeting you face-to-face in your office, others prefer to use other methods of communication. Top realtors never miss a possible opportunity. Check your emails, messages, and social media accounts regularly to ensure that no coming message is missed and all calls and messages are responded to timely. 

Negotiation Skills

As a deeper level of communication, negotiation is an indispensable part of the property selling/buying process. Knowing negotiation principles and frameworks gives you an edge over the competition and helps you respond to the situation as effectively as the real professionals do. Improving negotiation skills enables you to obtain the maximum price and profit from a deal. Even if you cannot win a negotiation, do it effectively to expand the circle of future referrals. As a part of your job, you need to teach your client how to negotiate to win an upcoming deal, discuss the best scenario for them, and also prepare them for the worst outcome. 

Problem-solving Skills 

An effective realtor is able to handle the problems arising during selling a property. While some properties sell themselves, others require some professional tips and tricks to sell. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to find a house that meets the buyers’ unrealistic expectations. If the buyer is serious about the purchase, your negotiation skills can help you a lot in solving the problem and closing the deal. For example, if the house needs renovation but the budget doesn’t allow it, you must be able to convince the seller to consider an allowance or lower the price. 


Following ethical principles in your transactions helps you build up an impeccable reputation as a trustworthy realtor. Avoid intentionally misleading your clients about whether a property fits their real needs, nor try to convince them to pay more than they can afford. However, being honest does not mean that you are allowed to be rude or offend people.

If a client’s wish exceeds his budget, avoid saying or doing something that makes them upset or angry. Instead, politely tell them they need to adjust their criteria or suggest they search areas that are within their budget. Even if you cannot do anything for them, at least they will leave your office happily in the end.

Being Tech-savvy 


The emergence of the internet has drastically changed the way people do business with each other. The real estate industry is an ever-evolving market. In a clients-focused business like real estate, getting adapted to new tools and technologies results in more leads, more sales, and more profit. These days, searching the internet for the best deal is the first thing that crosses one’s mind when buying a house. Investing time and budget in learning and implementing new tools and technologies is well worth it because it not only strengthens your presence but also gives you easy and wide access to the potential market.  

Time Management Skills 

Your clients will be happy as long as you are respectful of their time. Even if you are a very capable realtor, poor time management makes people develop negative opinions about your trustworthiness – especially when they are in a rush to sell their properties.  It is totally up to you how to set your schedule. Determine how long you need to spend on completing different tasks each day and schedule the calls and meetings in advance. There is no excuse for wasting the client’s precious time. Let them know if you fail to arrive on time for a meeting or cannot meet a deadline. 

Though the real estate market is constantly changing, the underlying skills always remain the same. Acquiring the above-mentioned skills help you stay competitive and gives your business more security in the future. 

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