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What Information to Put on a Professional Business Card?

Once you know what to add to your business card and what to leave out, you’ll make an eye-catching business card. People are sensitive to the business card design and their willingness to contact you can be closely related to it.

Business cards are a proven marketing tool at your business’s stage. So make sure that you only put the necessary information in it. Who you are and what you do. Consider a standard design for your business card and design it in such a way that it is easy for the customer to read your information.

Do not forget the principle that your business card is an opportunity to connect with a new customer. Do not underestimate the physical power of the business card and the ability to convey its feeling compared to the virtual space. Design it so that it doesn’t become a throwaway piece of paper, but acts as a powerful connecting agent between you and your customers.

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Should you use both sides of a business card?

Should you use both sides of a business card?

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what to put on a business card:

It’s better to put the info on both sides of your business card. There are many variations you can go for. Here are some:

  1. All text on the front, only logo on the back
  2. Logo, company name, and your full name on the front, contact details on the back
  3. Logo, your first name, and contact details on the front, catchy design on the back
  4. Photo, name, and contact details on the front, logo, and company name on the back

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Main items

You know very well that designing a business card means that customers call you and you are constantly available. This is where the role of information on the card becomes meaningful.

company name

Your company represents your type of work and your professional identity. The customer must always remember you. The customer has the right to know what company he is dealing with and if he wants to make inquiries, he can easily do so. The name of the company must be written in the largest form.

Your logo is a representation of what your company does and what you stand for. The logo should be designed in such a way that it symbolizes your business and remembers your customers with it. When you have a logo, it conveys the feeling that you are professional and authentic.

Use your taste in logo design. If you work with a good designer, he knows very well how to design it so that it matches your/ company name and does not offend the customer’s mind.

Name & job title

Put your name and your job title on the business card so that the client knows who is responsible for the company whose name is on the card. Some people have a more favorable view of a person’s name than their company name. Maybe you need to put a picture of yourself next to your name to establish a more tangible connection between you and the customer. Photo business cards are a great option for professionals such as real estate agents.

Phone number & email

Your business card must have a phone number and email address. This is the most important means for people to contact you. Preferably, try to put these two in a legible and bold font on your business card.

Physical & website addresses

You can put your website address or physical address on your business card. Of course, it is not mandatory to include these items, but it can be a good option for the customer to find out about the details of your work by visiting the website, or to come directly to your address if he wants to meet.

Secondary items

Information to Put on a Business Card

Every business card can benefit from secondary items besides the main ones. Sub-items are things that do not necessarily need to be placed on your business card, but their existence can provide more information to people and make communication easier.


If you have chosen a tagline for your business, now is the time to use it. If you don’t have a tagline, write a summary of what you do in a few words. This is especially useful when you haven’t written a job title. For example, Adidas uses the tagline ‘Forever Sports’ and ‘Impossible is Nothing’ to clearly state what it specializes in. A few professional words, honestly focusing on its main service.

Social networks

Nowadays, no one denies the power of social networks in attracting audiences and customers. Social networks, as the least expensive means of attracting and guaranteeing the retention rate of customers, give you high maneuverability. By placing your profile address on social networks, you can invite the customer directly to your activity page so that he can find out more about your services. This also has the advantage that you will find good friends among them who will become your loyal customers.

QR code

QR code is for when your business card space is full and you want to use it efficiently. A QR code can quickly lead a customer to information about your hours of operation, special promotions, and your business story. This means respecting the taste of those customers who care about details. Some customers want to know the finer details of your work at the very beginning of the work, and you respect them by doing this.

White Space

The meaning of white space is not necessarily the color white, but the space needed to create peace and trust in the customer. You may be wondering that white space is not considered information. But the truth is that the importance of white space is huge.

Surely, you don’t want to make the audience nervous and confused. So create white space by removing unnecessary titles, replacing text with icons, and choosing minimalist template layouts.

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