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Plan to Attend a Real Estate Conference? 6 Excellent Tips

Real Estate Conference

Need to escape the monotony of everyday routines? What about attending a real estate conference to add variety to your busy life? Though most agents say they neither have the time nor see it urgent in the information age, attending relevant events and conferences has obvious advantages to your business …

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Top Post-Covid-19 Trends in the Real Estate Market 

Real estate market

The Real estate market is still struggling to get free of the effects of the global pandemic. Not only the traditional viewpoints but also the emergent beliefs about how technology enables us to densify our offices have seriously been shaken. With social distancing and other safety rules in place, the …

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6 Simple Ways to Build Customer Loyalty in Real Estate 

Customer loyalty

No matter what the type or size of a business, customer loyalty matters. Home sellers find their real estate agents through various means – outdoor real estate signage, referrals from their families and friends, online or offline ads, social platforms, direct mail, etc. The research shows that real estate agents …

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Should Real Estate Agents Join a Team or Go Solo?

real estate agents

“Shall I work as an independent real estate agent or join a real estate team?” For new real estate agents, it is a critical decision to make. Both working with a real estate team or establishing yourself as an independent agent can bring you positive results in the long run. …

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Why Should Agents Attend Real Estate Conferences? 

Real Estate Conference

Hundreds of real estate conferences are held each year. Have you ever been to one of them? If having a tight schedule or some personal opinions like, “I can find everything I need online” has prevented you from attending real estate conferences, this article tells you why you should change your mind. Though …

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7 Great Advantages of Online Ordering for Agents

online ordering

Technology has completely changed the way people sell and buy products and services. Despite being relatively new, online ordering is rapidly spreading all around the world, replacing traditional shopping. Online sales are catching up with in-store sales, and online retailers are luring customers away from brick-and-mortar competitors. Thanks to the ever-increasing growth of …

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6 Life-changing Traits Only a Top Real Estate Agent Has

real estate agent

Wasn’t working as a real estate agent as easy as you thought? Many new real estate agents come to this conclusion in their first year. Being an agent differs from other careers in many aspects, and so do its challenges. Unlimited income potential, flexible schedule, networking opportunities, and best of …

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Impact of Social Distancing on Canadian Real Estate Market 

Canadian real estate market

Though the Canadian real estate market witnessed a relative pause in March, home selling and buying activities have continued. This comeback was with drastic changes, however. The necessity to practice social distancing has greatly affected Canadians’ everyday life since the global crisis. Both home sellers and buyers are grappling with …

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