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10 Tips for Effective Custom Car Magnet Usage

10 Tips for Effective Custom Car Magnet Usage

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, keeping up with innovative marketing methods can be a challenge. One of the most cost-efficient and effective tools at your disposal is custom car magnets. These vehicular billboards are a simple yet dynamic resource that consistently catches eyes and gets your message out there. In this article, we want to offer you our top tips for optimising custom car magnets, making them the heroes of your next marketing campaign.

How to Use Custom Car Magnets Better

How to Use Custom Car Magnets Better

Before delving into the tips and strategies to maximise the effectiveness of custom car magnet usage, it’s important to understand what they are and why they’re so valuable. A custom car magnet is a magnetically backed piece of advertisement—or any other desired graphic—that attaches securely to your vehicle. Given its mobility and constant exposure to different audiences, it has become a powerful promotional tool. Crucially, successful usage goes beyond just sticking the magnet on your car. It requires strategic thinking and careful planning reflected in the design, placement, and maintenance. Now, let’s explore the myriad factors that contribute to effective custom car magnet usage.

1. Make It Look Professional

The first step towards achieving maximum effectiveness from your custom car magnets is to have them designed professionally. Good design can influence perception, build brand recognition, and eventually turn viewers into customers. Professional designers understand how to create layouts that are visually appealing and easy to read, ensuring your messaging comes across clearly and quickly. Therefore, don’t skimp out on professional design for your car magnets – it’s a worthy investment for potential returns on advertisement.

2. Choose the Right Size

The size of your magnet plays a critical role in how visible your message is from afar. Size selection depends largely on the type of vehicle you are using and the space available. For small cars, a medium-sized magnet will suffice. For larger vehicles like vans or SUVs, consider using bigger magnets to match the vehicular proportions. The goal is to ensure your message is visible from a distance but without overwhelming the vehicle’s aesthetics.

3. Make Use of Colour

How to Use Custom Car Magnets Better

Colour plays a significant role in attracting viewers’ attention. Bright and contrasting colours are eye-catching and can make your car magnets stand out. Dark text on a light background or vice versa is recommended for readability. Coloured text can also be used if it contrasts well with the background. However, stick to your brand guidelines to maintain consistency and assist in brand recognition. Using too many colours can also be distracting, so aim for a balance between visual appeal and colour strategy.

4. Keep the Message Clear and Simple

One of the basic rules of advertising is to keep the message simple and clear. Viewers should be able to grasp your message in seconds as they may only get a quick glance at your magnet when on the move. Too much text or overly complex wording can become a distraction and may not be readable at speed. Use a catchy headline, a compelling quote, or a clear call to action to make the message impactful.

5. Use Quality Images and Logos

How to Use Custom Car Magnets Better

The use of quality images and logos can significantly contribute to the visual appeal of your car magnets. However, avoid using overly complex images as they may not be easy to comprehend from a distance or when the vehicle is in motion. Your logo is a crucial branding tool and should always be included for brand recognition.

6. Update Regularly

If you’re using custom car magnets for a specific campaign or offer, remember to update them regularly. An outdated promotion or event on display can convey a sloppy brand image. Even if your vehicle magnets advertise your business generally, updating them periodically can keep your marketing fresh and eye-catching.

7. Position and Alignment

Ensure that your custom car magnets are situated correctly on your vehicle. They should be placed on a flat, smooth surface preferably on the side or the rear of the vehicle for best visibility. Don’t forget to align them properly, as a crooked magnet can look unprofessional and could lead to negative impressions.

8. Quality is Key

The durability of your magnet greatly influences the overall effectiveness of your advertisement. A high-quality magnet will maintain its colour and shape over time, ensuring your message stays vivid and clear. Weather-resistant and UV-protected magnets are a great choice for long-term outdoor use.

9. Capitalise on Traffic

How to Use Custom Car Magnets Better

What’s great about car magnet advertising is that it’s mobile. You can maximise its potential by strategically driving through densely populated areas or high-traffic routes, especially during peak hours. This mobility will expose your message to more people and increase its potential reach and effectiveness.

10. Regular Maintenance

If you want your custom car magnets to last and continue to look their best, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Ensure the surface of the vehicle and the magnet is free from dust and debris before application. Remove the magnet weekly to clean both it and the metal surface to prevent scratches and damage.


This potent, cost-effective marketing tool is a must-have for real estate professionals who are in the market for a low-investment, high-return solution. Diversify your promotional strategy, familiarise your brand with your target audience, and drive more leads your way with custom car magnets. Trust us — it’s the reliable marketing option that always sticks around for you and your potential customers!

We believe in the power of simple solutions to create significant results. Embrace custom car magnets — let the journey to your brand’s success ride with AgentPrint.

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