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The Science of Colours: What Works Best for Real Estate Print Marketing

The world of real estate is a realm where visuals play a substantial role. It is where aesthetics craft impressions and colour is a power that can sway decisions. In real estate, the use of colours which are specifically known as real estate colours, can either make or break a sale.

Understanding the importance of colour for real estate is essential because science has shown that the majority of home-buying decisions are significantly influenced by colour. So, if you are associated with the real estate business, let us walk through the fascinating journey of choosing the best colours for real estate and how they can aid in the potential success of your sales.

Influence of Colours on Real Estate Marketing

colour for real estate print marketing

The human brain processes and organizes colour signals in a nanosecond. Colour is a universal language that even unconsciously influences our moods and responses. In the realm of real estate, real estate printing and smart use of colours have been proven to simplify the process of buying and selling properties.

Some colours might make a small space seem larger, while others can imbue a sense of luxury. Striking the right balance is an art that combines colour science and marketing strategies. As a result, using the best colours for real estate is an evidence-based approach rather than a mere aesthetic choice.

Choosing the Ideal Real Estate Colours

A timeless wisdom in real estate printing is that neutral tones like beige or grey can attract a broad range of buyers. Still, depending on the desired outcome, these might not always be the best choices.

Specific colours have been studied to have certain effects on people. For instance, green has a calming effect and can even lower your heart rate. However, too much green can give a sickly look and might not appeal to buyers. A smart way to incorporate green is through biophilic design where you bring in natural elements, like indoor plants, to the space.

The Effects of Colours on Emotions

colour for real estate print marketing

While there is a wide spectrum of colours, let us uncover the personality traits often associated with common colours in marketing.

  • Blue: Reflecting honesty, cheerfulness, trust and stability, blue is often regarded as one of the best colours for real estate. It can be employed in a wide variety of marketing materials, offering comfort to the viewer.
  • Red: Bold and daring, red resonates with excitement. Care should be taken to not overuse it, as it could lead to anxiety. Use it sparingly, as an accent, to invite attention to key features of a property.
  • Green: Representing calmness and reliability, green can be a strategic colour for real estate, especially when you’re promoting a property close to nature.
  • Purple: Luxury and charm are often conveyed through the use of purple. If your real estate business majorly involves high-end properties, feel free to incorporate more purple in your flyers.
  • Yellow: Yellow radiates cheerfulness, and it can be used to exude a friendly and energetic vibe.

With these colour-emotion associations, you can strategically design real estate marketing materials that trigger the desired response in your potential clients.

Real Estate Branding Colours

Imagine, that with the right colours, you could boost trust, stir curiosity, and stand out from the crowd. With your real estate brand, using colours smartly can do just this. Consider them as your signature style, splashed across marketing items such as flyers, brochures and business cards.

This isn’t just a fancy trend. It’s about understanding colour science and using it to your advantage. The right colours can make your brand unforgettable, effectively carving out a unique space for your business in a competitive marketplace.

When you think about it, it is not just about selling properties anymore, it is about selling an experience, an emotion. With thoughtful use of colours, your brand can encapsulate these feelings. It’s time to paint your real estate world with colours that resonate with your clients!

Putting the Science of Colour into Practice

In the real estate business, embracing technology can help you win. Fancy tools like virtual reality can elevate your property presentations, tailoring them to match customers’ preferences. But even simpler options can work wonders.

Take a paint visualizer app, for example. It is a simple, effective way to help clients picture how different colours would look in a property.

For a fun, engaging twist, why not include colour quizzes in your selling process? This could help your clients understand how they feel about different colours. It is more than just picking a colour—it is about picturing the potential of a property, looking beyond the existing paint on the walls.


Understanding the science of colours can prove invaluable in real estate print marketing. Next time you select a colour for your business, keep in mind its persuasive strength—the ability to sway thoughts, share your message, and seal the deal. And, it is not just about the colours; it’s the smart science behind them that can transform your marketing game.

At AgentPrint, we are not just another real estate printing partner and supplier, we are your stepping stone to success, providing fast, high-quality, affordable print solutions put together with leading-edge tech. Together, let us colour your real estate world with the brilliance of science-backed choices. After all, your victory in business is our shared joy.

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