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Best places to pass out business flyers

Best places to pass out business flyers

Designing a suitable flyer is one thing, and where to put or distribute it is another. You may have designed a great flyer but not placed it in the right place. This will make the huge potential of that flyer wasted and your efforts to promote yourself will not be successful.

The Suggestions

Since our main discussion in this article is about the best places to hang or distribute flyers, we will go to the best options. Here are a few suggestions:


Parks are places for people of all ages to go and sit and exercise. So if you place your flyer on a park bulletin board, not only will everyone be able to see it, but it will also protect it from wind and rain damage. Don’t forget this would require permission from the park officials.

Coffee Shops

Use the potential of coffee shops. In this covered place, your flyer is safe from wind and rain. Also, many of them have notice boards and the customers of these places check these boards. You can talk to the manager of a coffee shop and put your flyer there even if it costs money.


Do not underestimate the power of the cultural class. A library is a place of consensus among people who like to study and have knowledge. You can place your ads there in coordination with the local library officials so that such people will see your flyer and be added to the basket of your customers and supporters.


Ordinary people are the strongest focus of your advertising. Their traffic is higher in a supermarket than anywhere else. Imagine how much your flyer can be seen when it’s out there or the supermarket owner puts it in the pockets.

Newspapers and bulletins

You can stick your flyer there in coordination with the newsstand owner. Or buy a newspaper and register your flyer on the advertisement page. This way, thousands of people will see your flyer.
Another option is to post your flyer on the local bulletin board. Bulletins are the best place for those looking for jobs and ads.

Restaurants and Bistros

This option comes with but and if. Because many restaurants and food vendors may see you as a competitor or they may not want to lower their level to advertise your work. But if it is a local restaurant or bistro that supports businesses and has a very good relationship with its customers, it is one of the best options for you.


The subway is one of the busiest and busiest places in the city and it can become a huge potential for your promotion. Several thousand people see your flyer every day. Coordinate with the subway officials of your city and put your flyer on the walls of the subway.

Community Centers

Community centers are the places where many events are held for people from different communities of a city. They get together from time to time for events, and that’s where your flyer comes in handy.

Bus Stops

This is one of the best places to hang flyers. The bus stop is one of the most crowded places you can find in the city. Many people are standing there waiting for the bus. This is the best opportunity to give them your flyer. Because they have enough opportunity to study it.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a great place for B2B advertising. Many businesses have a commuting, meeting, and special events at this location. When your flyer is mounted on the wall in such a place, your importance to them will increase and they will want to contact you.

Street Signs

A good place to be seen. Every day there are many cyclists and pedestrians on the streets and your flyer will be seen by hundreds and maybe thousands of people.

The Gym

The club is also one of the places where you can hang your flyer. A significant population of people is into sports and by this means you can attract this group to you.


As it is known, the pharmacy is the place for many people who are looking for medicine. The volume of traffic in this place is a significant figure per day. So your flyer will be well seen.


Boutiques are another suitable place to advertise. Boutiques have many customers daily and can give their customers your flyers.


In this method, there is no need for mass communication. You can hang your flyers in mailboxes of complexes and neighborhoods and establish a personal connection with your future customer.


In this article, you will find out that apart from the perfect design of your flyer, you should hang or distribute it in the right place. We’ve all heard that it’s important to figure out what’s happening at what time. It is equally important to know what to do in what place. Just don’t forget that necessary arrangements and permissions have been made in advance to hang or distribute your flyers.

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