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Choosing the Right Business Card Finish: Raised Spot UV or Raised Foil?

Choosing the Right Business Card Finish: Raised Spot UV or Raised Foil?

About 80% of all the business cards passed to another person are thrown away in seven days. How can you save yours? A business card is not only a tool for introducing yourself and your profession, but also a powerful marketing strategy for real estate agents. It creates a lasting impression of your real estate brand in the minds and hands of your potential clients. Therefore, choosing the right finish for your card is crucial to enhance its appeal and durability. In this article, we will explore two special types of finishes – raised spot UV and raised foil – that can make your card stand out with their eye-catching effects.

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Understanding Finishes

Before we dive into the specifics of these two unique finishes, let’s first understand what a “finish” means in print design. A finish is the final touch or enhancement given to a printed item. It can include various processes, such as trimming or adding gloss or texture, that can improve the appearance or functionality of the printed item.

Raised Spot UV

Raised Spot UV vs Raised Foil for Business Cards

The first finish we will discuss is called raised spot UV. UV means Ultraviolet, a kind of light that can stiffen some materials. A spot of ink or varnish gets hard fast when UV light hits it, making a bright and a little “raised” effect.

So, raised spot UV adds a clear, bright layer to some parts of your real estate business card. This makes some texture and shows some parts of your card better, making your card different from others. It makes some parts of your business card look “3D” by raising them a little, about 50 microns over the card’s surface.

Raised Foil

Raised Spot UV vs Raised Foil for Business Cards

The second type of finish, named foil stamping, puts a thin metal sheet on your printing material. This sheet gets hot and sticks to the surface of your material. When it’s dry, this way makes a good, bright finish.

Raised foil makes your real estate cards look fancy and luxurious. It is not flat like normal foil. It sticks out from the card by a tiny amount, so it looks like 3D.

When to Use the Business Card Finishing You Want?

Raised Spot UV vs Raised Foil for Business Cards

When choosing between raised spot UV or raised foil for your real estate business cards, it is important to consider the visual and tactile aspects of the finish and whether these aspects go well with your real estate brand.

When to Use Raised Spot UV?

A raised Spot UV finish adds a touch of elegance and contrast to your card’s design. This clear layer enhances the existing colours and designs by making them sparkle. This finish creates a striking effect when paired with matte backgrounds, elevating the card’s design to a new level. This could be the perfect choice for real estate agents who want to draw attention to certain details such as logos, contact information, or images of properties in a way that’s smart and stylish.

When to Use Raised Foil?

On the other hand, a raised foil finish gives your card’s design a glamorous and luxurious vibe. It could be a powerful technique for real estate agents, as the polished shine from the metallic foil can add a tone of sophistication to your business cards, conveying a feeling of prestige and quality to your potential clients. What’s more, the foil colours are varied and versatile, ranging from classic gold and silver to trendy rose gold.

Choosing the right finish for your real estate business card is not just a matter of personal style. It is also a matter of strategically using these touch and visual aspects to promote your brand message. Both raised spot UV and raised foil finishes have unique ways to make your cards eye-catching, but they serve different goals.


According to many experts, business cards have more benefits than they appear. They are not only a fast and easy way to share contact details, but also a lasting and memorable way to introduce oneself. Moreover, business cards with innovative designs tend to be passed on to others.

With the raised spot UV, you can add a glossy touch to any element you want, while keeping the same colours. The raised foil, on the other hand, creates a luxurious and elegant impression with a variety of colours to choose from.

Remember, as a real estate agent, small details can have a big impact. Your business card is a reflection of your professionalism and the quality of your work. That’s why you should carefully select the best finish to impress your potential clients. And don’t worry, AgentPrint will be there to provide you with the business card you want.

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