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5 Must-Have Real Estate Print Marketing Materials for Every Agent

5 Must-Have Real Estate Print Marketing Materials for Every Agent

Marketing is a key tool in today’s business world, no matter what field you’re in. It helps raise awareness, shape how people see your brand, attract new clients, and boost sales. This is especially true for real estate agents. They need effective, creative ways to reach potential customers.

Good marketing can make you stand out in the crowded real estate market. It can help you make a great first impression that people remember. In this AgentPrint article, we will share five essential real estate print marketing materials every agent needs to grow their business. These materials are

Essential Real Estate Print Marketing Materials

Before we get into details, remember these marketing materials aren’t just pieces of paper. They’re affordable and impactful tools that show your commitment and the quality of your services. Now, let’s explore the importance of each of these printed marketing tools for real estate.


Real Estate Postcards

Postcards are a great marketing tool for real estate. They help highlight properties and services simply. You can show different properties on multiple cards or features of the same property on separate postcards. They also let you share important details like price, location, or special features.

But postcards do more than sell. They help build and keep relationships. Monthly mailings keep you in the minds of potential clients. Personal messages for birthdays or anniversaries create a stronger bond. This focus on the customer is sure to leave a lasting impact.

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Feature Sheets

Feature Sheets

Feature sheets, also known as property brochures, are an absolute must. These comprehensive tools provide a detailed representation of the property that’s up for sale. This usually includes high-quality pictures of the house, significant attributes, a description of the surrounding neighbourhood, and contact information.

When composed and designed thoughtfully, feature sheets can paint an appealing image of homes, convincing potential buyers about the value they offer. Clients often take them home, prolonging your sales pitch and allowing them to consider the purchase at their leisure.

Real Estate Booklets

Feature sheets, also known as property brochures, are an essential part of real estate print marketing materials. They give a detailed view of a property for sale, showing high-quality photos of the house from different angles, key features, neighbourhood information, and contact details.

A well-made feature sheet can create a beautiful image of a home, helping potential buyers see its worth. People often take these sheets home to think about the purchase on their own time, extending your sales pitch.

Real Estate Flyers

Even with the rise of digital marketing, old-school flyers still work. They are omnipresent and you can distribute them anywhere or put them in mailboxes, on cars, under doors, or hand them out on streets.

Real estate flyers usually give a quick overview of the property, contact info, and a great picture. They have many uses – you can use them to announce open houses, list properties, or advertise your services. But to keep them from being thrown away, you need to make sure they look good and have a great design.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a hard-to-miss member of the real estate print marketing materials. Hang them on front doors, and they’re sure to be seen. They work best for local marketing – great for agents who want to be known in a certain area or a neighbourhood.

Use door hangers to advertise services, announce property sales, or share helpful real estate tips. The trick is to combine useful content with an eye-catching design to make your message clear and always stay on top of the reader’s mind.


To sum up, real estate print marketing is broad and has many aspects to consider. The materials we discussed are basic but powerful marketing methods. Despite the growth of digital marketing, physical marketing materials such as flyers, postcards, and … each have unique benefits that digital marketing cannot reproduce. They add a personal feel to your marketing efforts, strengthening relationships, and building trust with clients.

We provide these materials at great prices without compromising quality. It helps you focus on your main job – giving the best service to your clients. So let’s make marketing easier together, with AgentPrint.

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