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Customer Service

how to provide great customer service in real estate

Customer Service

Real estate is a customer service industry. The way you interact with and assist your clients determines how long you can last in this career. Statistics show that poor real estate customer service is the main reason many real estate agents lose their clients. Customer service is a highly valued concept in business. When it comes to real estate, however, it is slightly different – you are not directly paid by your clients.

Despite such a difference, high-grade customer service allows you to head away from competitors, whereas poor service only puts your reputation at stake. The highly competitive market of real estate urges real estate agents to employ effective real estate customer service ideas to enhance the quality of their customer service. Are you ready to stand out above others? Here are some simple, yet excellent real estate customer service tips for having exemplary customer service. 

How to Improve Customer Service? 

Know the Market

Customer Service

Most buyers and sellers make their decision not only based on personal needs and preferences but also based on market forces. As the first step to having reputable, outstanding good customer service in real estate, you must know what your clients seek. Gather information on highly demanded real estate services, demographics, average prices, market conditions, comparable listings in the immediate neighborhood, and other pertinent social, political, and economic factors that can help you give better advice to your clients.

Put Clients’ Needs First

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is your most valuable asset. Though earning profit is a top priority for a real estate agent, it does not mean that clients’ demands or needs can be ignored. In real estate agent customer service, if you are seeking to make your clients happier with your service, show genuine care by following a few simple but effective strategies such as holding meetings on time, listening carefully and patiently to what they are talking about, replying to their calls or emails as soon as possible, not interrupting the conversation to answer personal calls, etc.

Create a Memorable Experience 

For many people, home-selling or buying can be a complicated and stressful process. What distinguishes a seasoned agent from a mediocre one is the level of expertise as well as positive personality traits. True experts know how to resolve and make the best of an unsatisfactory situation.

Ask your clients what is important to them and steer the conversation to those areas. To relieve their anxiety, show them what skills and qualities you have. For higher-income clients, of course, you need to provide a higher level of customer service for real estate. Ask your clients about their personal life, send birthday cards and gift baskets for special occasions, follow their pages or profiles on social media, and so forth.

Communicate effectively in real estate

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service in the real estate business, communication competence is king. The ability to get the necessary points across is fundamental to good realtor customer service. As a real estate agent, the ability to communicate effectively, clearly, and confidently is a requisite for you.

Being good at face-to-face communication is not enough; you need to be proficient in talking on the phone, sending properly worded emails, and making use of social media as well. Communication is not only about using impressive words. Speak and write honestly, clearly, and concisely. Your clients surely want to get informed of all ins and outs of the process, but most people do not tolerate wordiness. Do not beat around the bush; get right to the point and tell them what they need to know.

Establish a Spectacular Online Presence

Customer Service

Social media has become a necessity for many businesses, real estate included. A static online presence, however, can’t make any positive changes in your number of sales. Only posting your listings online does not suffice; you need to get connected with your clients where they spend most of their time. To establish a notable online presence, you need to realize the prospects’ actual needs, know their search habits, and be active and available on popular social media.

USP is the Key

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) refers to a marketing tactic that lets your clients know what benefits they will get if they start doing business with you, how you respond to their needs, and what qualities distinguish you from other agents. In this method, not only do you talk to your clients about what you do but also you tell them why you do it. 

Both digital and print are great marketing channels to create a ferocious USP. For example, as you are updating your website or social media account, you can send real estate brochures to local prospects at regular intervals to remind them about your presence. 

To achieve the highest level of client satisfaction, you need to employ a couple of genius tactics that touch their hearts. Understanding your client’s individual needs, describing the unique features of your business, and keeping them in the loop about the unique aspects of your service that can positively change their lives will help you appear prominently in your marketing campaign. These are customer service skills in real estate.

Offer Professional Consultations

Customer Service

When people ask you for help, don’t just come out with pat responses to their questions. To set yourself apart from the competition, make helpful suggestions that can increase the chance of sale – for example, sprucing up the appearance of the house or staging the property before photography. Giving honest, professional answers to sellers’ questions helps you stay top of mind with them and keep them satisfied throughout the selling process.

Not only the tips themselves but also the feedback coming from implementing them can help you refine your customer service strategy, take your business to a higher level, and find out the importance of customer service in real estate.

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