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10 Tips to Save a Real Estate Postcard from Getting Trashed

10 Tips to Save a Real Estate Postcard from Getting Trashed

As we swiftly adapt to the technology-forward approach, traditional marketing techniques like real estate postcards maintain their charm and effectiveness. If you’re a real estate pro, these tactile tools are both appealing and economical for communicating and connecting with your target audience.

With each postcard, you’re not just sending information; you are conveying trust, understanding, and partnership. While striking a balance between digital innovation and classic marketing strategies, assures you that your real estate printing needs are met with superior satisfaction.

10 ways to Make Your Postcard Stand Out

Though real estate postcards have proven their effectiveness, they’re not immune to ending up in the trash. Like other direct mail forms, they must be engaging, attention-grabbing, and arouse curiosity.

To ensure your real estate postcard escapes this fate, our article delves into a variety of tips, from impactful design to valuable information, that help your postcards resonate with the recipients, leaving a lasting impression, and keeping them out of the waste bin.

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Catch the Eye with Stunning Design

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in marketing strategies, including real estate postcards. Leveraging high-resolution images of your property listings coupled with well-thought-out and effective graphic designs can immediately capture recipients’ attention.

Employing a clean layout and contrasting colours can further emphasize essential details, making your postcard not only pleasant to look at but also engaging enough for your audience to read and retain.

Keep the Message Simple and Direct

10 ways to Make Your Postcard Stand Out

You have only a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, so make your message simple and direct. Use easy-to-understand language and remember that space is limited.

Emphasize critical information such as property type, location, and any unique selling propositions, ensuring your real estate postcard effectively communicates its purpose and grabs the recipient’s attention within those precious few seconds.

Connect with Personalized Messages

Injecting personalization into your real estate postcards can make a world of difference. Rather than starting with an impersonal “Dear homeowner,” consider using the potential clients’ names or a tailored term to individualize your postcard.

This simple yet effective touch makes recipients feel special and valued, significantly increasing the chances of your postcard being read and making a lasting impression.

Provide Useful Information

10 ways to Make Your Postcard Stand Out

Your postcard must offer something valuable. This could be insights into the real estate market, tips for homeowners, or information about the area’s amenities.

By giving recipients useful information, you not only capture their interest but also position yourself as a reliable, well-informed resource in your field, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Promote Unique Selling Propositions

Highlighting your unique selling propositions (USP) sets you apart from competitors. Showcasing distinctive features such as complimentary property valuations or a track record of selling homes above market value can pique interest.

Emphasizing these specific strengths on your real estate postcards helps underscore what makes your services exceptional, enticing potential clients to take a closer look.

Use Testimonials

Client testimonials serve as powerful trust-building tools, amplifying the credibility of your services. Using brief, impactful quotes from satisfied clients on your postcard acts as third-party endorsements, vouching for the quality of your services. However, ensure these testimonials are concise and compelling to effectively engage your audience.

Implement a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Consistently incorporate a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your marketing materials, including real estate postcards. The CTA should direct recipients toward a desired action.

Actions such as visiting your website, calling for a free consultation, or attending an open house. To maximize engagement, make sure the CTA is both visible and persuasive on your postcard.

Quality Printing Matters

10 ways to Make Your Postcard Stand Out

The quality of your printed materials signifies your level of professionalism. Therefore, it’s advisable to use high-quality card stock for your postcards and ensure your images and text are sharp and legible.

Subpar printing can tarnish your reputation and increase the likelihood of your postcard being discarded, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high print standards. AgentPrint as a top real estate printing company and supplier can help you with this point.

Regularly Send out Postcards

People are more likely to remember your brand if they come across it regularly. Therefore, consider sending out real estate postcards regularly to remain top of mind for recipients.

Aim to reach your target audience at least once a month, creating a sense of familiarity and reinforcing your presence in the real estate market.

Measure Your Success

Finally, it’s crucial to monitor the effectiveness of your real estate postcards. Analyze which designs or messages yield good responses and use those successful elements as a blueprint for future postcards.

Conversely, if a postcard isn’t generating leads, this indicates a need to review and possibly revamp its design or content for better outcomes.


Following these invaluable tips can transform your real estate postcards from waste to a persuasive instrument for expanding your clientele. With the personal touch and direct communication postcards provide, you can count on them as your silent sales force, charming and securing your customers.

AgentPrint can help you achieve this goal. We prioritize our dedication to customer satisfaction, cutting-edge print solutions, and competitive pricing, ensuring that your real estate business thrives with our superior offerings. Together, let’s achieve success!

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