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4 Great Benefits of Property Books that Make Them Marketing Favorites

property books

Creating customized real estate property books is one of the best ways to maximize your listings exposure, build brand awareness in a certain geographical farm, increase brand recognition among the people living in the neighborhood, and inform prospects about the distinctive aspects of your customer service. Custom-printed property books are indeed beneficial to your business as they spread the word about you, letting everybody know what benefit they can drive from doing business with you. 

Thanks to websites, social platforms, and email campaigns, it is easier and cheaper than ever for real estate agents and brokers to make themselves known to and reach new clients. However, traditional print marketing materials like property books, postcards, and brochures retain many of the advantages that can make them the lifeblood of your real estate business, even in the age of digital. If you seek credibility, repeat business, and a quick but lasting connection with your target audience, customized property books are the right choice. Here are the top benefits of distributing your personalized property books on your real estate farm

Reasons You Should Consider Using Custom-printed Property Books

Targeted Marketing 

property books

Direct mail promotional materials like real estate brochures and property booklets include content that is only read by a particular audience who is interested in the topic. In other words, your marketing strategy is supposed to reach a specific group of people who want to learn more about your area of expertise – the real estate market. This is a key difference between print promotional materials like property books and digital media that follow the prospects as they move across different, often unrelated websites. The first advantage of property books is that they enable you to target your audience based on a variety of factors such as location, age, occupation, interest, etc.  


The reason direct mail marketing materials are still popular among top real estate agents and brokers is that these marketing solutions can be highly effective in building brand awareness in the target neighborhood. Property books can be created in a way that matches the interests of the target market and creates maximum engagement. Instead of sending out generic, untargeted content, hoping to reach the largest number of prospects, custom-printed property books are a second to none choice to focus on those readers who are more likely to act upon your call to action. Despite creating such a great impact, custom-printed property books do not break the bank, especially when you print with AgentPrint.  


property books

Successful print marketing highly relies on both aesthetic appeal and textual content. Custom-printed property books really lend themselves to a variety of uses. Your property books can include the history of the company and its achievement to increase brand awareness, a great deal of local information on the topic to show your understanding and knowledge of the market, and stunning photos of the houses listed on the market to generate interest, create emotional connections and encourage potential buyers to research further. 

High Engagement 

Though the internet gives its users unlimited access to knowledge and data, the buyers house-hunting through the websites or online ads are proven to spend less than 15 seconds scanning the information provided. Property books, however, are tangible objects, leaving a more lasting impression on the readers. Considering how powerful the touch sense is, it is no surprise if people focus on the content more while reading it in a property book. The more the target audience engages with your marketing message, the higher the chance they recall it later on. 

In conclusion, sometimes branded, attention-grabbing print materials like property books can be more effective than digital advertising. Unlike digital marketing channels, print marketing materials require the readers’ undivided attention, inviting them to make time and read the content. If the audience finds the content relevant and interesting, they are more likely to share it with their family, friends, or colleagues. In that case, you not only convey the intended message to the target audience but also create a referral system without extra cost.   

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