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5 Excellent Tips for Real Estate Agents to Reach New Clients


Real Estate Agents

The housing market is highly saturated. Novice real estate agents have a long way to go to set themselves apart. In a highly competitive market like housing, there is little room for error. Just follow the wrong marketing strategy and all the time and effort you have put into your newly-started business will go down the drain. Sitting back and hoping for leads to come to you is the surest way to fail. In reality, people will not come to you unless you have a tried and tested prospecting strategy. Would you like to know how top real estate agents get their clients? Well. We’ll tell you how to find new leads and convert them into paying clients. 

Essential Steps for Real Estate Agents to Generate New Leads

Work under a Broker 

This is what most successful real estate agents have done. Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business. Brand awareness is the biggest advantage of working for a real estate broker. Working under the name of a reputable well-known company gives you immediate brand recognition.
It is understandable that some clients only trust the name they recognize. If you carry the reputation of a well-known, trustworthy real estate brokerage, you will have a chance to show your expertise and knowledge in your profession and gain the trust of potential clients.

At the beginning of your career, few people recognize you as a real estate agent. So it can be difficult for you to reach leads, gain their trust, and turn them into prospects, then clients, and finally close deals. Real estate brokers, on the other hand, receive a tremendous amount of leads and assign them to their real estate agents. That way, you can get free leads early in your business. However, this requires you to stay and work inside the office, pick up and answer the phone calls, and give advice to the clients walking in without an appointment.

Start with the People You Know 

Real Estate Agents

Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, announce your new business to your friends, colleagues, or neighbors, and offer them your professional help and advice. You can send them emails or real estate brochures or simply give them a phone call and let them know you will be happy to assist them with their housing needs. Never get upset even if the people in your circle have no intention of buying or selling a house or turning your offerings down. Simply ask them to tell others about your business and take the advantage of word of mouth.

Get Yourself Seen 

Real Estate Agents

If you think it is enough to join a brokerage and inform others about your business, I’m sorry to disabuse you of your fantasy. The truth is you can’t merely rely on your family and friends to attract clients. You need to take serious actions to make your presence known to prospects. Real estate print marketing materials are effective, yet low-cost tools for establishing your business in a local area. Hand out business cards, distribute brochures, mount a car magnet on your vehicle, put a sandwich board sign in front of the house you are offering for sale, etc., and let them all work for your favor even if you are physically absent at the time.

Create a Website

Real Estate Agents

Having a website is becoming common practice for real estate agents. Creating a website may be a little costly but it won’t break the bank. If you are on a budget, just begin with a basic website. Your website should include information about the areas you offer your services to, your credentials, your listings, and the type of customers you seek. In addition to a website, you can have a blog and update it regularly with evergreen posts about property buying, selling, leasing, renting, and mortgaging guides and tips for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents.

Identify “For Sale by Owner” Properties 

Some sellers prefer to sell their houses themselves instead of paying real estate agents. Though some of them succeed in finding serious buyers, many do not. Identify such sellers in the target area, contact them, and offer your help. Though some of them may refuse your offer of help, others will welcome it happily – especially those FSBO owners whose property is not receiving much attention.

Though success does not happen overnight, it is achievable with time. The tips listed above may not bring instant results but they are essential steps to increase your leads and sales. Whether you are a seasoned real estate agent or a novice, we’ll be happy to read your story. Please share your experience with our readers.

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