General Guidelines on Real Estate For Sale Signs

General Guidelines on Real Estate For Sale Signs

A prospective buyer drives by a house, spots the real estate For Sale signs, slams on the brakes to take a look at the house, and calls the respective agent for more information. Now you have an excellent opportunity to discuss the unique features of the house that are not apparent from the curb. See? It is simple. For Sale signs generate inquiries about a property for sale. That is why they are still a widely used form of advertising. 

When shopping for a new home, the majority of home buyers first look at online listings. The point is real estate For Sale signs can encourage interested buyers to immediately contact you. As the online marketing tools show your listings to the online buyers, For Sale signs target offline prospects. 

Types of Real Estate For Sale Signs

General Guidelines on Real Estate For Sale Signs

The most frequently used types of real estate For Sale signs are those hanging from a metal signpost and displayed in front lawns, and smaller signs which are pounded into the ground with stakes. Real estate For Sale signs are usually made with wood, plastic, and metal. 

Sandwich boards are another type of For Sale signs that are popular for being portable and inexpensive. They are a nice choice for lawn, yard, or sidewalk signage. 

What Does a Real Estate For Sale Sign Display?

No matter which type you choose. As a real estate agent, you should know that real Estate For Sale signs usually contain the name of the brokerage you work with and its address, the company’s logo, your office phone number, and your website URL and Email address. 

Additions to Real Estate For Sale Signs

General Guidelines on Real Estate For Sale Signs

Metal signposts are essential additions to For Sale signs. Hanging a sign from a signpost has two advantages. First, it securely and confidently displays your message to the target audience. Second, it increases the visibility of your sign so your sign can be easily spotted from a distance. 

You can also take advantage of the space on the top of or below the signpost to install custom rider signs. A rider sign may include the open house schedule, price reductions, a specific asking price, URL for viewing a virtual home tour, etc., as well as the agent’s and co-agent’s name and contact number, QR Code, and house features like amenities or the number of bedrooms. 

Where to Place a Real Estate For Sale Sign? 

Real estate For Sale signs are essentially used to attract the passersby’s attention to the house for sale. Make sure that your real estate For Sale sign is not blocked by trees, parked cars, bushes, or light poles. If the house is located in a secluded area where the traffic is limited, you can get permission from the homeowners living in the busy areas to place a directional sign in their yards. If the property is located at the corner, it is recommended to set up a sign on each street. That way you can attract potential buyers from both directions. 

When to Remove a Real Estate For Sale Sign? 

Shall I remove a sold sign immediately? The majority of real estate agents believe that sold signs should be removed from the seller’s yard immediately after closing. Some others, however, leave them to be for a more definite length of time. Either way, you should note that though keeping a sold sign posted on the house’s front lawn can have marketing benefits for you, it can become a constant eyesore for the neighbors who are the potential clients. 

Though real estate For Sale signs are only one piece of property sales, they should never be overlooked or underrated. Winning real estate For Sale signs speak for themselves. They increase the number of calls, open house visitors, and website traffic. To ensure maximum reach, choose an engaging design for your signs and set them up at appropriate places. 

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