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Real Estate Listing

Improve Your Real Estate Listing’s Exposure with 7 Time-Tested Strategies 

Real Estate Listing

Has your real estate listing been sitting on the market for longer than you thought it would? It’s time to refresh your marketing strategy. Today’s world is full of ever-evolving marketing outlets. The way you market a property accelerates or decelerates the house selling process and also determines the final sale price.

To catch the attention of the largest number of potential buyers possible, your real estate listing needs to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. The greatest the number of prospects, the higher the likelihood you will receive multiple offers upon a property. By fostering a competitive atmosphere, not only can you sell a property quickly but also you can implicitly persuade the interested buyers to offer the highest price. Here are some winning ideas to run a promotional blitz as soon as your listing hits the market

Suggestions to Maximize Exposure of Your Real Estate Listing 

Home Staging 

The first step to making the most of your real estate marketing campaign is to showcase the property’s best features. As the buyers review your real estate listing may, they probably ask themselves, “Why should I spend that many bucks on this house?” If you want to put as much money in your pocket at the end of the sale, you need to give them a good reason to offer the highest price. 

Nothing will put you in a weak position during real estate negotiation than poor home staging. Before photography or showing the property to the buyers, ask the sellers to stage the house for the big day. It is recommended that you walk through the house with the sellers and examine it as a buyer would. Itemize what should be kept the same and what should be removed, moved, or spruced up. Identify the best features of the house and give your clients some tips on how to enhance the property’s look. Though it is important to be very detailed with your list, leave it to the sellers to decide how much to do.

Stunning Shots of the House 

Once you are done with home staging, it’s time to take killing photos. As the adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Photos play a very important role in any marketing because they create emotional bonds and inspire the target audience. Experience shows that sharing quality photos of the house entices the interested buyers to make an offer. To put it simply, the better photographed a house is, the faster it sells. 

Photography is not just about taking beautiful photos. A high-definition photo has no persuading power if it is shot from an inappropriate angle or with poor lighting. To ensure your photos are second to none, pick up a professional camera, appropriate lenses, and the right angles. 

Video Open House 

Online open houses offer several benefits for buyers, sellers, and agents. First, there is no time or location limit on viewing the properties listed on the market online. A buyer can survey your real estate listing in the bed at midnight. Second, 3D models and 360° virtual home tours enable buyers to walk through the house, navigate the rooms, and visualize themselves at home without needing to plan their schedule to attend an open house. Third, by hosting an online open house, you will have your real estate listing viewed by a much larger group of prospects. Needless to say that the more visits your listing gets, the faster it will sell, and the happier your clients will be. 

Customized Real Estate Brochures 

 Real Estate Listing

Once you receive the offers, the buyers will ask for in-person viewings. Distributing well-designed, full-color real estate brochures among the visitors during an open house is a nice marketing idea to increase your real estate listing’s exposure. But are real estate brochures necessary? The answer is “Yes, they are!” These beautiful, eye-grabbing objects make a memorable impression on potential buyers. Brochures contain appealing photos as well as helpful information such as MLS listing information, description of the best parts of the house, neighborhood amenities, etc. Providing buyers with the aforementioned information can affirm that they are making the right decision to buy your property. 

Website and Social Media 

Having a powerful website allows you to showcase your real estate listing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Social media is another online advertising venue with tremendous exposure for your real estate listing. Social media are now a necessary part of marketing not only for their sharing feature but also for the powerful search engine embedded into them. To increase your listing’s exposure it is important to stand out in the home buyers’ search. having an active presence in the widely-used social media will help you improve your Google rankings.

For most people, their house is their biggest investment. Keep in mind that you, the real estate agent, are the one who makes the business successful. Remember that maximization of exposure is the key here and your creativity plays the most crucial role in successful marketing. 

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