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Virtual House Selling

Essential Steps to Virtual House Selling 

 Virtual House Selling

Practicing social distancing and public concern about contacting others have caused more house sellers to turn to virtual house selling strategies. Though it is a relatively new trend in the real estate industry, virtual house selling has been a long time coming, helping real estate agents do business with long-distance clients.

If technology was once used for convenience, it is now a necessity. Post-Covid living conditions require that real estate agents adapt to modern tools and technology. Virtual house selling is at the forefront of the recent shift in the way realtors do business. 

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Virtual House Selling or Real Open House Hosting? 

Does the virtual house selling strategy lead to sales as much as the traditional methods do? Look! If you can order food using an app, consult your doctor over the phone, or work remotely while sitting on a sofa at your home, there is no reason you can’t sell a property virtually.

Many sellers are still on the fence, wondering whether to put their properties on the market or wait until the pandemic ends. On the other hand, there is a long queue of buyers who need to buy a property right now. In the current situation, virtual house selling seems to be the best solution to respond to sellers’ and buyers’ needs while eliminating unnecessary human contacts. 

Steps to a Successful Virtual House Selling 

Remote Guidance 

VirTual Selling House

Once a seller hires you to sell their property, schedule a video chat to give them the necessary information about virtual house hosting. it is very critical to achieve a mutual understanding in the very initial stage of the process. Listen to your clients patiently, then tell them about the current real estate market conditions, the right time to sell their property, and what they can expect during the process.

At last, ask them to prepare appropriate photos and videos of the property and share them with you. Remember that providing virtual guidance to the clients is just the same as giving typical in-person advice. the only difference is that you don’t shake each other’s hands! 

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Virtual Home Staging 

Virtual House Selling

The right home staging highlights the most impressive assets of a house and creates a huge impact on how the buyers view a house. Home staging helps buyers imagine themselves living in the house they wish to buy and also increases the value of the house. Ask the seller to prepare the property for sale just as they would do it for a real open house. Evaluate the property based on the photos and videos the seller shares with you and, if necessary, make some recommendations to stage the property as impressively as possible. 

One of the fastest ways to capture the buyer’s attention is depersonalizing the space. Buyers may not feel comfortable walking through a house full of personal items. Personalized staging makes the buyers subconsciously feel the house belongs to someone else and not them. Explain to the sellers why their house is better to be devoid of personal touches and ask them to store away any personal photos, clothes, or overtly religious items away. 

Scheduling a Virtual Open House 

There are two different ways to host a virtual open house. Interactive virtual open houses can be hosted on both social media and online conferencing platforms. By selecting interactive hosting, you will be able to engage naturally with the buyers. it also allows the buyers to ask their questions during the open house event.

Static videos, on the other hand, are filmed ahead of time and then housed on the relevant platform. By selecting this option, you not only have more control over the event but also can plan it effectively. Besides, you can edit the videos before showing them to highlight specific home amenities. Now the property is ready to list, pick an appropriate social media platform, set a time and date to host your virtual open house, and wait for offers! 

Remote Negotiation

Whenever you receive an offer on a property, help the sellers negotiate the price and conditions. You need to be available during the negation process via phone or video conference to explain the terms of the offer and make a recommendation to the parties. Lastly, use e-signature and e-closing services to close the deal. 

Virtual house selling is a new, somehow strange experience for many. It goes to become an indispensable part of the real estate industry, however. Being adaptable to upcoming changes allows you to rise to the challenges and build more business relationships during the process. 

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