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What should real estate agents post on social media?

Real estate agents that have promoted their work on social media believe that in doing so, you will have far better chances of getting new clients. Let’s not forget to mention that most real estate agents spend most of their time on social media websites, and you know that if you want to stay on top, you have to keep your posts coming! There are lots of great ideas that have the most influence on your potential clients. We’ve come up with a list of all the decent ideas you can post on your social media to get the best results you can ever imagine. What we need to know about social media is that it’s a platform that gives you a chance to showcase your work and get people to notice and most importantly, like you. Social media will let sellers and buyers know that you are different from the rest.  Also, once they see how good of a real estate agent you are, they will start recommending you to others. So then you know that business will be good! There are plenty of good real estate agents with astonishing social media content. We have prepared some of those content for you to use on your social media accounts and see its magic working!

14 Things Real Estate Agents Should Post on Their Social Media

1. Make Home Tour Videos

Promoting your listing only increases the demand for the place you intend on selling or buying. But what’s exactly the best way to promote a house? It’s posting home tour videos on your social media. The better the visuals, the higher your chances are of getting that house sold or bought soon. Posting home tour videos shows that the property you’re trying to sell is legit. 

Make Home Tour Videos

2. Share Real Estate Tips

Want people to know you’re in the real estate business? Keep them updated with your real estate tips. This kind of content can be beneficial to either the sellers or buyers out there. Sometimes it can even be a service you’d like to offer your client. That is all your choice! The content you make should be able to catch people’s attention and stand out among all the other content creators with less creativity!  The informational content you publish on your social media can come with photos of homes, places, and even photos of you. 

Share Real Estate Tips

3. Have Contests with Prizes

There is absolutely no doubt that most people like free stuff. It makes them feel better about their day. But there are some things you need to take into consideration before having a contest among your followers or giving away prizes.
Firstly, you need to be very clear and specific about the rules of this contest and what people need to do in order to qualify for the prizes you give away.  Secondly, when the contest is over and the winner is known, post their picture with the prize. This way, you gain their trust. And with the trust, comes the potential clients. 

4. Share Funny Posts 

Humor is subjective and you can post anything as long as it’s funny and not offensive in any way! Your funny post can be about a real estate question or a funny clip of a goat making a weird sound.  You might ask why these kinds of posts. What’s the benefit? Doesn’t posting such things question my professionalism? To sum up an answer, absolutely not! However, you must bear in mind that posting things that are related to the real estate industry is much more beneficial. At the end of the day, that is your job to make a living. Why not seize every opportunity to get more clients?

5. Make Polls

You can always post serious stuff on your social media account and not expect people to get bored. Creating some interesting polls or surveys that are related to real estate or completely different, helps you gain back your followers’ attention. These surveys and polls can be posted on your IG story or attached to the photo you want to post. 

6. Tell Fun Facts

Think of a fact about real estate you want to share with your followers. Now try to make it fun and interesting so they don’t skip your post.  Try breaking up all real estate info about your local area.  Sometimes you can even be creative and smart to include your followers in knowing some trivia about the real estate industry. But the fun fact should of course come with the fun picture so your follower or potential client doesn’t get bored. 

7. Share Buying Anniversary Posts

When you help someone sell or buy a house, you’re not done with them and you can’t just throw them out. The best way to make them feel like they’re still important to you is to post a picture of them on the day of their past or new home anniversary. When you do this, you’ll make them happy by reminding them of that day. Your name will be also mentioned in front of their friends and family and therefore you might find yourself some new clients. It’s best to post a picture in front of the home they’ve bought or sold and also try to make the picture as if they’re enjoying their new home. 

8. Share Client Testimonial Posts

If you want to make yourself sound good and helpful, you need to ask your previous clients to share their satisfaction with you. The real estate transaction is a very difficult job to get done and your clients should be able to tell that to others so that you will gain more clients. What good comes out of doing this? You will be much more trusted by your potential clients. It will also lead to strengthening your brand. There are some points you need to consider before posting client testimonials. 

  • Good graphic attracts attention. If you post a client testimonial with a nice photo behind it, people will notice it more. 
  • Tag the client’s account so that people from their account will also see your post. 
  • If the testimonial is long, don’t post the whole thing. Pick some inspirational and golden lines and then link to the complete post on your website, if necessary. 

9. Market Updates 

Buyers and sellers both need to know what time is the best time to buy and sell. Real estate agents can notify them by giving them housing market updates. Let’s suppose there is a surge in market prices and as a buyer or seller, you might not know what’s the reason behind this. A real estate agent should be able to guide you on the path you can navigate in this uncertain market. What you need to do to make a good market update video or post, is trying to talk in a language that is understandable by people who know little to nothing about the real estate industry and are only buyers and sellers.

10. Tell Personal Stories 

Everybody knows that stories find their way into people’s hearts! You can use this opportunity to narrate personal stories that will help you connect better and more easily with people. You can go on and talk about an extreme real estate scenario that involved lawsuits and how you were able to come over the obstacles along the way. By telling personal stories, you’re showing your followers how you dealt with bitter situations and portraying you as someone who is dedicated to their job and knows the exact way to come out of bad situations as a hero.

11. Share Stories About Customer Success

Customers have worries and fears and therefore need reassurance. When they make sure you know about their journey and their fears along the way, they can begin to trust you and work with you. The way to build trust with them is to post stories of how you helped buyers and sellers with their matters. Why these kinds of stories? Because they show how you helped them along the journey and why it is important to choose you over the other real estate agents.

12. Share Stories About Community Events

Local events can be very beneficial in terms of building awareness about your services in the community. In these kinds of events, you can naturally connect with people and in a sense, you can give back to the community as well. You can use the platform you have to promote your upcoming community event and when you do, you will build a lot of connections which will lead to more clients. However, there is no problem if you want to post your regular content every day and also post stories about community events. 

13. Bust the Myths That Aren’t True 

Any seller or buyer who doesn’t know how the real estate transaction works, thinks that they can handle it themselves and save money. This is simply not true and they should know that working off based on myths can actually delay their house sale. When you post the myths that are simply not true and should be avoided at all costs, you are educating potential clients and you also have the upper hand which will make it known that you are the expert and they should listen to you if they want a higher rate of success.

Final Word

Social media marketing has so much potential in expanding your brand and helping it grow bigger and bigger and it should definitely be on the top of your list because it gives you an opportunity to showcase your work and how everything works when it’s under your control. What you should expect to see is your social media account attracting your ideal clients and also keeping your past clients satisfied and content. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and keep your followers updated with interesting posts!

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