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3 Essential Checkups for Fail-safe Real Estate Sign Marketing

real estate sign

Your listing is not selling? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced agent, sometimes things are not going well. The right marketing strategy, however, can help make it fast. Real estate sign marketing is a time-tested method to get a property seen by qualified buyers and seal the deal as quickly as possible. Outdoor signage gets your listing seen. In business, being seen is everything. In fact, the reason sellers pay real estate agents is the agents know – or are expected to know – how to showcase a property in such a way that it catches the eyes of qualified buyers. 

By being seen, we are talking about being seen! Of course, everyone who is able to see can notice a For sale sign hanging from a signpost there! How is it even possible a real estate sign doesn’t get attention? Actually, it is not only possible but common. Although outdoor signs are the most visible form of real estate marketing, not all signs are of any interest to viewers. Sometimes, a real estate sign receives a lot of attention because it is so awful that it can’t be ignored! The quality of your signage indicates the quality of your business, so don’t think of it as a simple thing.

If you don’t want to get people to talk about your poor signage rather than your listing, don’t miss this article. 

Your Real Estate Sign Marketing Backfired? Here Are the Reasons 

You Chose an Inappropriate, Poor, or All-in-one Design

real estate sign

A fascinating appearance can go a long way provided that it serves the purpose of the sign. Pick a design that fits your business type and is aligned with your marketing purpose. What do you want your sign to do? To invite people to contact you? To encourage interested buyers to visit your website? Or to build awareness of your brand? Don’t expect a real estate sign to do everything because in that case, it is more likely to fail to do anything. 

If you have little experience in real estate, lean on your franchise’s brand to gain credibility. Once you gain a reputation and get known as a capable real estate agent, you can emphasize your personal brand as well. An overcrowded design leaves a negative first impression on the viewers and makes the sign impossible to read from moving vehicles. Get rid of anything unhelpful and keep your real estate sign as simple as possible. Remember that a well-designed sign is the one that passes the important information at a glance. 

To leave more blank space and pass the message quickly, use symbols or icons instead of words – for example, a bed symbol with a number in front of it to indicate the number of bedrooms. Consider including just one image of the house, usually the best one. Showcasing selling points in the image can also help your listing sell fast.  

Your Sign is Rusted, Bent, Dented, Peeling, or Faded 

The quality and physical condition of your real estate signage can also influence the way people evaluate your brand. Check if your real estate sign is bent, dented or rusted. If rust is a problem in your area, ask your printer to add a coating layer to your sign or sign post. Rustproof aluminum signs can be an ideal option as well. Peeling of ink or faded print prevents drivers and pedestrians from reading the message.

To avoid any further issues, pick high-quality materials, print your signs with a reliable, professional printer, and add an extra layer of coating to your real estate sign. We recommend you visit AgentPrint where you can purchase quality real estate signs or reface and repair your aged signs. 

Your Contact Information is Outdated or Incorrect 

real estate sign

Imagine that someone notices your sign and dials the phone number to talk to you, but someone else picks up the phone. How disappointing! Consider replacing outdated phone numbers, website addresses, email addresses, and photos. Before placing your real estate sign in the front yard, double-check the important numbers and spelling of the words. Even if your signage can give someone a reason to give you a call, wrong information may get them to change their minds immediately. 

Be careful of the weather and pranksters! They can completely ruin your perfect sign. Check if the sign is dirty or defaced and consider cleaning or refacing it if needed. All right! The last thing you should take care of is to place the sign where it attracts the most attention possible. 

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