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Real Estate Selling

7 Effective Real Estate Selling Tactics for Your Next Sale

Real Estate Selling

Contrary to what many assume, real estate selling is a tough job. As an agent, you are only paid for the results you deliver, not how hard they work. You’ll feel even worse when thinking about hundreds of agents out there competing for leads, and shall I remind you that the number is increasing day by day? Before leaving the page in despair, let me assure you that there is no need to worry because you have an ace up your sleeve – incredible real estate selling and marketing abilities to turn the situation to your advantage. Here is how. 

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Real Estate Selling Strategies for a Fast Sale 

Don’t Just Market, Market Effectively 

Real Estate Selling

When it comes to marketing real estate, there is no difference between a million-dollar property and an average one. What your luxury listing needs to sell is not more marketing but effective marketing. By effective marketing, you may think of the number of leads generated or the number of sales driven by a certain real estate selling tactic. Marketing effectiveness is in fact your ROI against a predetermined set of goals. An ideal real estate selling strategy is one that not only increases your revenue but decreases the cost of customer attraction. Have your real estate selling tactics been effective in lowering the cost of finding new leads so far? 

Don’t Describe a Home as an Object 

One of the best real estate selling tactics is to describe the most desirable features of a house – the things buyers pay extra for.  Have you just listed a very desirable property? What’s your plan to sell it fast? When talking to potential buyers about the property, what features do you emphasize? The square footage? The number of bedrooms? The height of ceilings? You should stop describing properties before buyers walk off! Instead, tell them how it would be to live in that house. There is a story behind every home. Come up with an interesting, emotions-tapping story about your listing to get would-be buyers to fall in love with your home. 

Don’t Do It Yourself! Hire a Pro 

Gone are the days when a picture was worth a thousand words! In today’s content marketing world, a photo can’t replace the magic of the words telling a wondrous story about how amazing would be to live in a certain property. Listings descriptions must be written in a way that they make potential buyers curious enough to contact you for in-person viewings. Do you write your listings yourself? You should not! As you hire a professional to take your photos and videos, spend a few more dollars to hire a writer who writes your marketing content to make sure that the content urges readers to act on your call to action immediately. 

Socialize with Prospects on Social Platforms 

Real Estate Selling

Group and individual interaction are some of the greatest real estate selling strategies to build your customer base. Thanks to social media and its large mass of users, you and your clients no longer need to drive long hours to meet face to face or take the time to talk on the phone. On the other hand, social media has stiffened the competition among businesses. When it comes to hiring a real estate agent, prospects see many more options in front of them than before. What’s your strategy to compete with powerful competitors? 

One tried-and-true real estate selling tactic is to connect with prospects on social media. Share your success stories and highlight your exemplary customer service. As proof of your successful real estate selling background, ask for testimonials from your satisfied clients, then share them on your social media pages. Focus on social media channels that your target real estate market hangs out at. Remember that every like, comment, or view counts. Don’t shy away from talking about your business accomplishments and great sales. Social media with hundreds of thousands or even millions of users are the best place to make yourself known and build confidence in your knowledge and skills. 

Video Your Success Story 

Publishing impressive videos that are likely to be viewed extensively is one of the best strategies to increase your followers. Film your clients’ testimonials when they thank you while being excited about their new home. Ask them to mention your strengths, qualities, and values like trustworthiness, marketing and negotiation skills, punctuality, and availability. Finally post your videos on your website, blog, and social media. 

Reduce the Price! Seriously! 

Conducting a solid CMA to estimate the real market value of a property is a service that gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Price is undeniably important in real estate selling. However, sometimes a fair price doesn’t help a home sell. In that case, you can suggest that sellers permit you to list their property slightly below the market value. What? No way they accept it? You bet they will after knowing that price reduction actually works to their advantage. 

A slight reduction in price can attract so many more potential buyers. The more the buyers, the more the requests to view the property. This often results in multiple offers and guess what happens next? Experience shows that in most cases, stiffening the competition usually results in interested buyers bidding up the price to get the house. So, it is very likely the final price ends up surpassing the real value of the house. 

Meets Current Trends in the Market 

Real Estate Selling

When it comes to real estate selling, photos and videos are the most precious weapons in an agent’s armoury. Nothing can excite probable buyers more than stunning, sharp-quality visuals. Is there anybody who doesn’t fall for beautiful photos? While live streaming, online viewing, and 360° virtual tours are rapidly dominating the entire industry, you can create more buzz using camera drone photography to take more professional and visually appealing photos. Using the latest technology not only puts you in the position of a tech-savvy, professional agent but shows your prospects you never miss a potential opportunity to stay ahead of the pack. 

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