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6 Steps to Create a Standout Brochure Like a Rockstar


Real estate marketing tools come and go, but some have stood the test of time. What’s so special about them? A real estate brochure is one of those old tactics that have been proven successful in capturing the attention of prospects, especially in the case of emerging businesses living on a shoestring budget. They can serve as a brief, excellent introduction to a real estate business. A simple way to expand your brand visibility is to hand out this physical, tangible stuff in open houses, showings, and events, or directly mail them to potential clients living on your farm

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A Great Way of Standing Apart 

Your real estate brochures reveal a lot about you. I’m not only talking about a verbal description of your experience and services as an agent or broker, but the way people perceive you when examining the design, touching the paper, and reading about your special offer. What message do you want to send to prospects? It’s up to you how to deliver your message. 

A Newbie? It Helps You Get Noticed 


Have a lot to say about yourself? Compared to other print options like business cards, brochures can convey more information. They give you enough room to introduce your company, give a little background information on your brand and its achievements, relay the core idea, and describe your services in a focused way in addition to defining your objective and goals, unique selling point, and finally communication channels. Such information, if properly worded, can do wonders to establish brand awareness and build trust. 

Portable, Versatile, Stylish 


A printed piece of paper is something people can touch, keep, and pass on to someone else, making it a great option to create a network of connections and expand your client base. Brochures can be handed out at events, directly mailed, or used on location. They are highly versatile marketing tools that are customized to any needs, yet they never break the bank. In case you are on a tight budget, real estate brochures are highly recommended. 

Command More Attention, Get More Referrals 


The internet has now been saturated with digital ads that are continuously competing for attention. The billboards or other types of outdoor signage may not get a chance to be noticed by impatient drivers, let alone generate leads. Brochures, however, offer a convenient, tangible way to communicate any type of information. 

Nowadays, most jobs use computers. People who have to work long hours in front of their computer or laptop would like to read in print rather than on a monitor. A colourful, eye-catching physical advertising is very likely to be read and kept. A good thing about a personalized, stylish business brochure is that it is passed from one person to another. Who knows? Perhaps your next client is now reading your story. 

How to Create Sales-driven Design and Content? 

Unlike flyers, business cards, or feature sheets, brochures require a different approach to content and design. The three first materials are usually short and punchy, used to promote a real estate business and listings or as an initial attention grabber. A brochure, however, is a greater investment, giving you an opportunity to provide your target audience with an in-depth view. This is achieved only if you do it “right” and then put your message in front of the “right” people. Here are a few professional tips to make your real estate brochure more marketing effective. 

Get into the Minds of Prospects 

While following a standard format, real estate brochures can vary in content, design, and length depending on your marketing purpose and target audience. The front panel usually displays the company logo and headline while the inner panels are often full of images and information based on facts and figures. The final panel usually represents contact information and a call to action. Well. This is how a typical brochure should be, but what makes it worthy of attention?  

Successful marketing highly relies on how well you understand potential clients. Why should sellers hire you, not others? What is so special about you? What do you offer to encourage people to trust your marketing and selling abilities? Do you know what pain points your audience is experiencing? How do you address the issues? Tailor your brochures according to your audience’s needs and wants in such a way that they find a good reason to do business with you. 

Attention, Interest, Desire, and Finally Action! 


Before creating your brochures, ask yourself, “Do they get attention? Is the content interesting enough to get people to read it? Can my brochures raise the audience’s desire for my service? Is my call to action strong enough to get the audience to take a specific action?” 

People are not really interested in what you do; they only want their homes to get sold. To capture people’s interest, focus on the benefits they can derive from listing their properties with you. You need to show them not only do your sales go through quickly, but also you can help them find their next home. A purposive brochure will help you accomplish both easily.  

Get Creative 

Want to become a go-to agent on your farm? In that case, not only your knowledge on the topic but also your marketing strategies must be better than average. No need to imitate your competitors – you shouldn’t. A little creativity is always helpful. Think out of the box and try to approach your clients from a different angle. To name a few, choose different shapes or sizes, use top-notch photos, and add floor plans and location maps. 

Get Visual 

Top-notch photos are the selling point of any real estate brochure. While an outstanding layout or high-quality paper helps you stand out, poor photography can cheapen your brand. Professionally-taken, high-definition photos are worth investing in; they show your listings in their best condition. Ask a professional for help. A well-trained photographer knows the best light, angle, and composition for every shape and size.

Appear Tech-savvy 

Technology has driven changes in almost every industry; the printing industry is no exception. Technology not only enhances the appearance of your print advertising but also allows you to provide better customer service to increase the chance of a fast sale. Floor plans are one of the most useful modern tools for real estate marketing, giving a bird’s eye view of the house. Adding a 2D or 3D floor plan of the listing in your brochure gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Even after viewing a property, most buyers ask for a floor plan. Why not give them what they want? 

Got the Message! What’s Next? 

Brochures are not just for impressing readers. They are created to fill readers with confidence and the desire to act upon your call. What do you want the readers to do after receiving your marketing message? To visit your website to find all details? To get a free home valuation? To contact you to get mortgage information? To sign up for property updates? Make it obvious with a powerful CTA.  At last, remember to double-check contact info, website URL, email address, Facebook, Instagram, and other social pages,  or other important information before getting your design printed. 

Well-written but poorly-designed print marketing materials look unprofessional and fail to create high ROI. No design skills? No problem. AgentPrint’s in-house graphic and design experts are here to help you with your project. 

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