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Direct Mail

Referral or Lead-generating Direct Mail? 7 Great Sales-driven Tips 

Direct Mail

Though the world is going entirely digital, direct mail materials are still in use. It seems that no technology could have beaten these elegant pieces of paper. Local marketing materials like postcards and brochures have high lead generation potential – a quality that makes them a can’t-miss choice for the agents who want to earn more profit. If you are going to run a direct mail campaign, this article will tell you how to get the best of both worlds. 

Long before the internet, door-to-door advertising used to be the primary method to stay in touch with existing clients, increase brand awareness, or reach the new lead. That most real estate agents show no interest in using such great potential to their advantage doesn’t mean that direct mail marketing is no longer effective. No one can question the importance of technology in successful marketing, but do digital ads or email campaigns have the same impact as print mails do? It seems not. With the internet and social media providing unlimited access to a much larger group of prospects, print can be the second rewarding channel to reach new prospects.

Does direct mail have the same impact on lead generation as on getting referrals? You might ask. The answer is yes. If properly deployed, this marketing strategy works well with both lead generation and referrals. Here are some tips to generate more referrals through your marketing campaign. 

Direct Mail Ideas to Get More Referrals in 2021

Hey! I’m Your Agent. Remember Me? 

Direct Mail

To stay top of mind with potential clients, you need to focus on nurturing already existing relationships and remind the target market in a non-intrusive fashion that you are still alive! We once used to face a pile of mailers whenever checking our mailboxes. These days, however, much fewer physical mails are sent on a daily basis. It’s still exciting to receive print mails and this is what makes direct mail valuable and productive. Print marketing is still effective because your marketing pieces are not going to be buried under a pile of emails or get lost in the shuffle.    

Digital Mail or Print Mail Campaigns? 

Direct Mail

While fewer and fewer feature sheets and brochures are sent by real estate marketers, the number of emails we receive is increasing day by day. People living in the digital world are constantly being bombarded with advertising emails, but how many of those emails are opened? Direct mailers may eventually end up in the garbage but they still have to get noticed, acknowledged, and touched. Unlike emails, direct mailers are tangible objects; they leave a more lasting impression on recipients by getting them physically engaged. So whether or not your marketing pieces are read, they still make an impact. 

Content? It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way! 

Direct Mail

Creating engaging content is one of the most challenging parts of a direct mail campaign. A good thing about direct mailers like real estate brochures is that they can be customized to fit a wide range of marketing needs. You don’t have to only focus on your listings. You shouldn’t do that! Newsletters and holiday greetings as well as information about new just-sold properties, expired listings, FSBOs, or coming soon listings are also recommended.

Even if you have no listing to offer, it would be nice if you send a postcard once a month or every two months to wish your prospect a happy holiday or to share relevant information. Remember that direct mail must be seen as an educational strategy. For surefire success, it is recommended you use direct mail to reinforce your digital marketing channels like your website, real estate blog, and social media channels. 

Lead Generator Direct Mail Ideas to Seal More Deals in 2021

How to use my marketing tactic to get more leads? You might ask. Listings postcards, flyers, and real estate booklets are great choices to prospect potential home sellers on your real estate farm. However, it doesn’t mean that your mailers have to land on every single mailbox or mail drop. Before taking any action, you need to know how to reach the people who are more likely to sell. 

A Distressed Property? Go for it! 

The very first step to running a successful lead generator direct mail campaign is to get good seller data. To obtain the information required, go to those listing sites that give you several levels of information. Having access to such information helps you identify potential sale opportunities like distressed properties and turn them into your future leads and sales. Distressed situations are likely to trigger a quick sale. Spot distressed sellers, mail your direct mailers to their address and offer help and guidance. What? Did nothing happen? Don’t give up! Repeat this strategy every 5-6 days until the seller sells the property or contacts you! 

No One Lives There? Good! 

Direct mail is also a great way to reach absentee owners. They are lots of properties that are rented out or sitting vacant. Spot the absentee landlords and landladies who have a certain loan to value percentages on their properties; especially those with over 40% quality are more likely to sell their properties. 

FSBOs, Expireds, and Others 

Direct Mail

Divorce scenarios, FSBOs, or expired listings are also a potential market. Those who are getting a divorce often need to sell fast and most FSBO owners end up listing with an agent. Don’t forget desperate owners of expired listings. See? Quick sales opportunities are seeking you. Why not focus your marketing effort on such cases?

Though focusing on the above-said market can be financially rewarding but sometimes things are not as easy as they seem. You are not the only real estate agent trying to reach this group of prospects. Such sellers are usually frustrated with agents. Remember that a desperate seller doesn’t need an opportunistic agent but one who offers a practical solution for their home to sell. When your prospects are in a need to sell fast, approach them as a “marketer” and make them an offer no one else is making.  

whatever your marketing objectives are, direct mail can be of great help. However, your success or failure in attracting local prospects or getting referrals is determined by both the quality of data and the quality of your offer. 

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